Lärande sker ett steg i taget och därför behöver it- projekt i myndigheter avgränsas till små små delar.

Genom att förenkla och organisera kan mjukvaruprojekt hantera den inbyggda komplexiteten.

”…how to keep a tangle of features from collapsing under the weight of its own complexity. To a great extent the act of coding is one of organization. Refactoring. Simplifying. Figuring out how to remove extraneous manipulations here and there.”

ur Organizational Skills Beat Algorithmic Wizardry

När arbetet är uppdelat i små delar blir delmålen synliga och alla inblandade kan iaktta och förstå hur resultatet utvecklas.

Mindre steg resulterar faktiskt i snabbare utveckling framförallt på grund av minskad kommunikationsbörda.

”We were more productive: By focusing on delivering small chunks of working product in short time-boxes (typically 1 week development sprints) we always had visible deadlines and a view of actual progress.
Our expansion was organic and less controlled than our original plans had suggested. Had we focussed on fewer things from the outset, the overhead of getting people up to speed and the additional communication needed to manage this would have been far less and our momentum would have increased.”

från What we’ve learnt about scaling agile (gov.uk)